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Appeal from Mr. Lalit Shakya for blood donation

Sometimes money cannot save life but donated blood can. Do you feel you don’t have much to offer ?  You have the most precious resource of all. the ability to save a life by donating blood.  Help share this invaluable gift with someone in need. The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one or even you. Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life! There is a hope of life to someone in your blood donation. You need a big heart and free mind for blood donation and not money and strength. Every drop of blood is like a breath for someone! Blood donation never asks to be rich or poor, any healthy person can donate blood. Blood is a life, so plz pass it on. it’s hope of life. Donate Blood to give back life. Lots of benefits to human beings by regular blood donations. Every healthy person can donate blood after every 3 months.

Lalit Shakya
AIIMS Trauma Centre | Nursing Officer


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