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Common Myths regarding Blood donation

We all have anxiety and some question in our minds before doing any work for the first time.  I know you all must be having some queries regarding blood donation.  Here's a website that will solve all your queries and of course resolve the creeping myths in your mind. I too had certain myths when I came to know about blood donation, but when I consulted the doctors, they gave me a clear picture about how safe BLOOD DONATION is. 


Some of the common myths & Advantage:

  1. Why do people fear to donate blood?

This is a no-denying fact that most of the people around us are still unaware of the importance of blood donation.  Apart from benefitting a needy, it also helps in the removal of unnecessary fatty elements from our body. 


  1. Will it pain a lot?

You will experience just a pinch at the starting.  It is just a little discomfort at the time of blood donation, but it will make a huge difference by donating little drops of blood for the needy. There is everything for the first time, and as the time passes, we become well aware of happenings. 


  1. Why should I only come forward and donate blood?

Someone has to come ahead for making some change in the society.  Inventions can't be invented if one thinks why should he develop a new creation, why can't others.  So have faith and come ahead for such a noble cause.  There are people who make differences within the society, helps the needy by donating their blood. 


  1. Will I become weak if I donate blood?

It is one of the common myths.  Blood donation can never make you feel weak.  Any healthy person within the age group of 18-60 years and having 50 kgs of weight can comfortably donate blood without any weakness every 3 months.