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If I say is my website, it would be untrue. I owe my special thanks to a few individuals for constantly pushing me to keep running this website for a noble cause.  In fact, this website is dedicated to a few individuals but not limited to Mr Sanjeev Kotnala, Mr Jitender Gulati, Dr Ankur Goyal, Ms Vandana Goel and Mr Aroon Bisht.  Without encouragement and consistent guidance,  I could not have even thought of continuing this noble cause.  It was a dream turned into a reality in 2010 and till date, changes are being made to this website.  In 2010, I underwent a serious accident and then itself we vowed to complete the project by utilizing that time. is a dream come true, a dream I had after having a small conversation over a social and noble cause.  Special thanks to Mr Jitender Gulati for bringing the desire for creating such a website for a noble cause.  Thanks to my family for always supporting me in every decision I took throughout my last couple of years.  Heartiest thanks to my friends and well-wishers, for the constant encouragement.

Thanks all of you.

Let us join together for this noble cause of blood donation Let Life Win….


Mohit Kumar Shakya (MoKSh)

Founder of AceBloodBank