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About Ace Blood Bank (ABB)

AceBloodBank is an effort to promote a Noble Cause – Voluntary BLOOD Donation.  Acebloodbank hereby presents you the unique Database of voluntary BLOOD DONORS through the website.  This website offers the requirement of BLOOD needed in various EMERGENCY cases by acting as a helpline or an interface between the DONORS and the person in need of BLOOD.  Your visit to this website is highly appreciated.  AceBloodBank welcomes you to join for this Noble Cause.  You can sign up free, online as a DONOR and act as volunteers in Donating BLOOD.  You can contribute by registering and helping through this interface between the DONORS and the people in urgent need of Blood.

Saving one’s life is one of the biggest noble causes in the eyes of mankind and GOD.  A person can save many lives by donating BLOOD.  Donating BLOOD does no harm but it rejuvenates the circulation of BLOOD.  Our body has the capability to replenish the same amount of BLOOD in 24-48 hrs.  We as a part of our country are trying to work for society by helping those who are in dire need of BLOOD.  This site needs your voluntary participation to work together for this noble cause.

AceBloodBank is not only the unique database for BLOOD DONORS in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or all over India but also an interface that can provide the BLOOD DONORS all over India, quick access to the BLOOD DONORS. This is a Dream come true for our team, who was thinking of creating such a non-profitable website for a social cause, i.e. BLOOD DONATION. Here you can leave us a suggestion any time you feel like.  Register for offering service to mankind by donating BLOOD.

We feel happy to serve you from our website, acting as an intermediate between the DONOR and the RECIPIENT.  This website is non-profitable with the motive of serving mankind. Registration is free of cost, just to bring up the right DONORS and delivering them the right DONORS.  Let us make our effort for donation count throughout one's life & retain in one's BLOOD stream.


It’s genesis

AceBloodBank came into existence on 8th August 2010 with the idea of such interface by Jitender Gulati and implemented by Mohit Kumar Shakya (MoKSh) along with his team comprising of Vandana, Sanjeev and Aroon Bisht.  The website has been of great help to many individuals wherein they had shown their appreciation and happiness through their emails and conversation.